Project Init Tools

November 6, 2021

A set of opinionated configuration tools for fast initialize of Expo, React-Native, React projects.

Being bored to take the same steps on each project to setup eslint,prettier and husky+pre-commit, I decided to create an opinionated tool to help me automate these first steps starting a new project. And of course the plan is to include more automated-setup tasks for other aspects of project setup (like test environment, state management etc.)

The toolbox should contain a set of tasks that can be executed via mrm package.

When they run on top of a corresponding project, they automatically install packages and create/modify configuration files as needed, to set up the requested features.

They are strongly opinionated. But you can use them to quickly perform initial configuration and then fine-tune to your liking.

Currently, the tasks included are:

  • expo-eslint: A base configuration of eslint, prettier, and husky automation for expo projects.

Find out more on how to use it, and override it at the Github Repo:

(Image by vinary16 from Pixabay)

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